3 Tips To Clean Your Ice Machine

3 Tips To Clean Your Ice Machine

You just finished working out, or it’s simply been a warm day, and you just want to cool off with an ice-cold beverage. After deciding on iced tea, water, or any drink, you go to the ice machine. This ice machine might be built into your kitchen island or a part of your kitchen cabinets. It could also be built into the front door of your refrigerator. However, when you scoop out the ice, or the ice is deposited into your chosen drinking receptacle, something is strange about the ice.

Is your usually clear ice suddenly cloudy? Are the cubes or nuggets smaller than usual? Do the individual pieces of ice feel soft? Does the ice coming from your machine possess a strange odor or create an unpleasant taste in your drink? Answering yes to any of these questions means that your ice machine is overdue for cleaning. The good news is that there are preventative steps you can take when you clean your ice machine with the tips below.

1. Check Your User Manual Before You Clean Your Ice Machine

The first order of business you should complete before cleaning your ice machine is to consult the user manual. If a user manual is not in your possession, you should be able to access one online. By consulting your user manual, you will better understand how your specific ice machine works and how to approach cleaning it. Not all ice machines are made the same, so checking your user manual will save you a lot of time when you clean your ice machine.

2. Clean Your Ice Machine With Ice Cleaner Solution

A cleaning solution is one of the most common ways to clean your ice machine. Even if your ice machine does not come with a wash cycle, you can still use the solution for cleaning. Ice machine cleaning solutions are created by many different brands, just make sure it’s compatible with your specific ice machine.

Before adding any solution, turn off the machine, remove all ice from the machine and let whatever ice remains melt. After this, turn the machine back on and look for the button to start the wash cycle, then wait for the indicator to let you know when to add the solution. When the cycle is over, turn off the ice machine again so you can clean off the rest of it from the chemical solution.

If your ice machine does not include a wash cycle function, you can still use the ice machine cleaning solution. Instead of a wash cycle, just spray the ice machine with the solution instead when the ice is removed or completely melted. Whether your ice machine comes with a wash cycle or not, a cleaning solution can be used to clean your ice machine.

3. Clean Your Ice Machine With Vinegar

Ice machine cleaning solution is not the only method to clean your ice machine. Another popular method for ice machine cleaning involves using white vinegar and baking soda. After clearing it of ice and removing and cleaning all the moveable parts, use warm soapy water or two tablespoons of distilled baking soda in warm water to clean the interior of your ice machine.

For the step where a traditional cleaning solution is applied, this is where you will use your vinegar solution. To create this homemade solution, make sure the ratio of white vinegar to water is one to ten. Once the solution is mixed, you can follow the same steps described above that you would with a traditional cleaning solution.

clean your ice machine with vinegar

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