4 Different Types Of Stoves

4 Different Types Of Stoves

Do you enjoy starting your day with scrambled eggs? Do you like to end your day with a hot cup of tea from the kettle? These are possible thanks to your kitchen stove. Did you know, however, that you can choose from different types of stoves? When it comes to finding a stove for your home, consider what will work best for what you need. In fact, you can keep reading to learn about four different types of stoves for your home kitchen. 

Electric Stove

The first of the four different types of stoves you’ll learn about today are electric stoves. Electric stoves tend to be either coil or ceramic. Electric coil stoves work by directly heating anything placed on top of the coils that serve as the heating element. Ceramic electric stoves have ceramic glass surfaces that the heat passes through via infrared radiation. 

The benefits of electric stoves, in general, include their simple operation and the fact that their heat doesn’t completely overwhelm a single space. Electric stoves are also considered easy to clean and maintain. However, it takes them a considerable amount of time to heat up anything, as it can take anywhere from twelve to nineteen minutes for them to boil five pounds of water. 

different types of stoves electric

Gas Stove

Gas stoves are the next most popular stoves you’ll find in home kitchens. Unlike electric stoves, these don’t take as much time to heat up, and the burners allow you to adjust the flame as needed. They also don’t take too much time to cool down when switched off. The ability to see the flame itself allows you to gauge how much heat you need at any time too. With a gas stove, of course, you need to be careful to shut it off completely to prevent any gas issues. 

Induction Stove

An induction stove is the third of the four different types of stoves you will likely find in a home kitchen. Induction stoves are unique from electric and gas stoves for a multitude of reasons. To start, these stoves take the least amount of time to heat up water compared to gas and electric stoves. They take the shortest time to heat up five pounds of water, anywhere from five to seven minutes. 

Other benefits of induction stoves include being easy to clean, their precision in temperature, and their energy efficiency. However, induction stoves only work with cooking appliances that are compatible with induction stovetops, so you might need to overhaul your current appliances. Additionally, these stoves are more costly than gas and electric ones. 

different types of stoves induction

Downdraft Stove

A downdraft stove can run on gas or electricity, but the quality that allows this stove to stand out is its ventilation. These stoves have ventilation that is aimed at the stovetop to prevent overheating. This type of stove is ideal if your stove is located on a kitchen island. These stoves are also cost-effective and easy to clean and install. However, these stoves are best for large rather than small kitchens, especially if you plan to make the most out of their airflow perks. 

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