Can You Put Hot Food In The Refrigerator

Can You Put Hot Food In The Refrigerator

There is this myth that has been going around for generations that you can’t put hot food in the refrigerator. Is this myth simply that, a myth? Can you really not put your hot food in the fridge? Short answer: Yes. Longer answer: Well, it’s complicated.

In this blog, we will uncomplicate this myth and give it to you straight. It is advised to not place hot food in the fridge, but there are many ways you can do this safely. Below we will discuss the reasoning behind why you can’t put hot food in the refrigerator. We will also show you how to properly place your food in the fridge, so you won’t experience the harmful effects of doing otherwise.

Can You Put Hot Food In The Refrigerator

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Why You Can’t Put Hot Food in the Fridge

Your parents didn’t randomly say you can’t place hot food in the fridge for nothing. There has to be a reason, right? Well, if you’ve read your refrigerator’s manual it states that you shouldn’t put hot food in the fridge. There are many reasons why this is a rule, one being that it can affect your refrigerator.

Depending on your refrigerator’s model, it probably won’t become damaged. But if you find yourself putting hot food in your fridge frequently, it will lead to a failed compressor. If this happens, all the food inside your refrigerator will spoil.

If you have an older fridge, you do not want to place hot food inside. Your fridge will be in the danger zone (40°-140°F), which will cause bacteria on the other foods. This will also cause your fridge to take longer to revert to its original temperature, affecting other goods in your refrigerator. This is a food safety hazard and could also spoil your food. If you have a newer fridge, this won’t happen, but you will see a decrease in its energy efficiency.

If you happen to eat any of the food in your fridge without this knowledge, it will cause sickness like salmonella. Lastly, you could lose out on the nutritive value of your food if you don’t do this correctly. Usually, people freeze their foods to keep them fresh, preventing their nutritional value from being lost. To sidestep all of these harmful effects, learn how to place hot food in the fridge correctly.

How To Place Hot Food in the Fridge

There are a few ways to place hot food in your fridge in a way that won’t lead to any of the harmful outcomes above. First and foremost, do not leave food out for too long if you are waiting for it to cool off. Germs can grow after two hours of sitting out at room temperature, which can lead to food poisoning. You can put your food inside within two hours or cool it more quickly.

To cool your food, place it in containers and wrap it properly. It’s best to place your food in smaller containers. Deep containers take longer to cool, which will put you right back where you started. Wrapping your food is essential so you can avoid bacterial growth and prevent your other foods from being affected by its stench. Another method to cool your food more quickly is by giving it an ice-water bath.

Can You Put Hot Food In The Refrigerator

Repair Your Fridge With Our Assistance

If it’s too late for your fridge and you’ve always placed hot food inside, then there might be a problem. As mentioned earlier, this can cause a failed compressor, which will result in spoiled food. Thankfully, our team can help you out with this. We have the refrigerator repair services you are in need of. Simply give our team of experts a call to get started.

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