How Long Will Food Last In The Refrigerator Without Power

How Long Will Food Last In The Refrigerator Without Power

Weston, Florida, is a high-risk hurricane zone, which has recorded 82 hurricanes since 1930. When hurricanes come, power typically goes, leaving residents without power and their food on the verge of spoiling. A power outage can last for long periods of time, which can quickly spoil your food.

A refrigerator without power is a serious concern because it can result in money loss, starvation, and even sickness. Unfortunately, depending on how much time has passed, you most likely have to discard some of your favorite foods.

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How Long Will Your Food Last

Whether you’re dealing with a hurricane, a broken refrigerator, or simply forgot to pay your bill, you will face these circumstances. However, we are here to help you understand how long food can last in a refrigerator without power. When four hours have passed, you should discard perishable foods, such as fish, meat, eggs, milk, etc. A half-full freezer can last up to 24 hours, and a full freezer can last up to 48 hours.

It’s unfortunate when you have to throw away food, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Weston residents should always be prepared for hurricanes and their aftereffects. If you don’t know what to do in these circumstances, learn what you need below.

What You Need To Keep Your Food Cool

If you know there is a hurricane approaching, then you should be prepared. First, you will need to buy a cooler, thermometers, frozen gel packs, and dry ice. All of this will ensure you are ready for a power outage.

The thermometer will inform you if your refrigerator is 40°F or below. Do not open your refrigerator to ensure your food lasts the full four hours. If the power outage lasts longer than four hours, bring out your cooler, dry ice, and gel packs to preserve your perishable foods.

What To Do When Too Much Time Has Transpired

Do not taste any foods to find out if they are edible or not. This will cause sickness. When too much time has gone by, it’s best to throw out your food. But you must inspect each item in your refrigerator to ensure that they can stay. Do they smell bad? Do they have a strange color? Is the texture completely different than before? If any of these boxes have been checked, then to the dumpster they go.

Also, continue to check the temperature of any food you place in your cooler. If any food is above 40°F, then they have to go as well. For more information on what to discard, follow the rules below.

What To Discard

There are many rules you should follow when it’s time to discard perishable food. One rule is to throw away any fruit and vegetables that have been cut. If you have any uncut, unopened, or opened fruit left after four hours without power, then they can be kept. When it comes to meat and seafood, whether raw or leftover, they must be thrown away.

For cheese, you can keep processed cheese, cheese in a can or jar, and hard cheese. However, everything else must go. Other dairy products must go as well, except for the butter. And finally, you must also discard eggs and any form of them.

How Long Will Food Last In The Refrigerator Without Power

Appliance Repair Weston Can Also Help

It’s a sad day whenever you have to throw away food. But you should always prioritize you and your family’s health, despite losing money. By following this guide, you will be ready for natural disasters or if your refrigerator is without power.

If the latter describes your situation, then give our team a call to ensure your refrigerator is up and running once again. We offer same-day services so your food won’t spoil. Reach out to our team to get started.

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