5 Signs Your Refrigerator Is Not Cooling

5 Signs Your Refrigerator Is Not Cooling

You are about to prepare dinner, and luckily, everything you need is already waiting for you in your refrigerator. You open the refrigerator door, and you think the air coming from it isn’t as cool as usual, but you continue as always, thinking it’s just a fluke that will fix itself. As the days go by, however, you start noticing that the air from your refrigerator still isn’t cooling to the extent it usually does. Before you run into this problem, here are five signs that your refrigerator is not cooling.

1. Your Food Is Spoiling Quickly

Are your vegetables that usually last a few days suddenly rotting within less than three days? Is your milk going sour way earlier than the indicated expiration date? Is your fruit supply feeling squishier than it should be in your refrigerator? If you answered yes to any one of these questions, it means your food spoiling quickly is a sign that your refrigerator is not cooling.

When this happens, throw away or compost any rotted or spoiled food. Anything that is still in good shape should be consumed or cooked as soon as possible, or stored in another refrigerator, whether it’s in your home or at a family or friend’s home. From there, investigate possible causes behind why your refrigerator is not cooling.

2. Your Refrigerator Is Not Cooling Due To Improper Installation

If necessary, contact a professional to determine the state of your refrigerator’s installation. One of the main culprits behind a refrigerator that is not cooling is problems with its initial installation. Two possible installation issues that may be preventing your refrigerator from properly cooling are the location of the installation and the uneven position of the refrigerator’s installation.

When determining if your refrigerator was installed in the best possible location for functionality, check for the following:

  • Is there a half inch of space for the sides of your refrigerator?
  • Is there at least one inch of space between the back of your refrigerator and another surface such as a wall?
  • Is your main refrigerator located in your kitchen?
  • Is the surface onto which your refrigerator was installed flat and even?

Answering no to any of the above questions is indicative of being a potential contributing factor to your refrigerator’s inability to cool. To resolve these issues, you can consult the appropriate product manual or reach out to a professional.

3. Your Refrigerator Vents Are Blocked

Sometimes, the cause of a refrigerator that isn’t cooling is as simple as blocked vents. Due to the vents being located in the back interior, clear and reorganize any food in that area so that there is enough breathing room for the vents. Something as simple as vent space can mean the difference between a working and a nonworking refrigerator.

4. Condenser Coils Are Clogged

The condenser coils, found underneath or behind your refrigerator, are what allow air to move into it and keep it cool easily. If you check your condenser coils and find that they are covered in dirt or generally appear unclean, it is likely one of the causes of your refrigerator not cooling. Clean the coils right away and carefully detach them to check for any interior clogging. Clean condenser coils make for a well-cooled refrigerator as long as you follow the recommended maintenance frequency of every six months. Speaking of maintenance…

5. Door Gaskets Are Dirty Or Faulty

The interior sealants along your refrigerator door, or door gaskets, keep cool air from escaping. If your door gaskets are dirty or broken, lots of cool air is making its way out easily. In cases where the door gaskets are dirty, they can be easily cleaned with soap and water. If they are broken, then you will need to reach out to a professional to help replace them.

We Will Repair Your Refrigerator!

Hopefully, by recognizing these signs, you will be able to return your refrigerator to working order in no time. If you tried addressing any of these signs yourself, only to still find that your refrigerator is not cooling, then the next step is to call a professional. At Appliance Repair Weston, our technicians will easily find the source of your refrigerator troubles and conduct any repairs to return it to working order. Contact us today so your refrigerator can start cooling again.

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