So Your Fridge Is Leaking Water. Now What?

So Your Fridge Is Leaking Water. Now What?

After a long day out, you’re ready to go home and cook a simple dinner meal. However, when you reach the kitchen, your fridge is leaking water, as indicated by the puddle right below it. You open the fridge to see if it’s a broken carton, but the reason why your fridge is leaking water doesn’t appear to be entirely obvious. Now you’re left wondering why your fridge is leaking water and what you can do about it. Luckily, you can read this blog to explore the different causes behind this leak and what you can do to address each one. 

6 Reasons Why Your Fridge Is Leaking Water  

While your fridge may be leaking water for any number of reasons, this blog will focus on the six most common causes of this malfunction and their solutions. 

1. Uneven Fridge 

It’s very easy to overlook the balance of your fridge. However, an uneven fridge can lead to many problems that will only worsen if neglected. Mainly, the ability to distribute and maintain the proper internal temperature will be thrown off due to the coolant failing to circulate throughout the fridge. This leads to condensation on the coils, resulting in a leak. 

The good news is that this problem can be easily fixed. After wiping away the pooling water, remove the grill at the bottom so you can adjust the legs of your fridge based on the instructions in the user manual. The same manual should also help you determine how you should level your fridge. For your safety, have another person with you when making this adjustment. 

2. Clogged Or Frozen Water Supply Line

Another reason that your fridge is leaking water might be a clogged or frozen water supply line. To address this issue, power off your fridge and disconnect it from its power source as an extra precaution. Next, move the fridge so you can access the hose connecting it to the water supply. If it seems to be frozen, you can let it sit and melt away. If, however, it appears that the line is loose, tighten it and see if that makes a difference. That said, if the leak persists, you’ll need to purchase a replacement. 

3. Blocked Defrost Drain 

The defrost drain is found in the back wall of the freezer to keep out humidity. If the items in this part of your fridge are positioned in a way that blocks the drain, reorganize your fridge items and see if that changes anything. However, if your fridge still leaks water, disconnect the freezer and remove any items in it so you can clean and unclog it. Every fridge and freezer is different, so once again, check the user manual for specifics on how to clean and unclog the defrost drain. 

4. Damaged Drain Pan

The drain pan is the first line of defense against any leakage from your fridge or freezer. Any water that leaks is usually collected by this pan, allowing it to evaporate away. Unfortunately, drain pans are susceptible to wear, tear, and other damage. Depending on what your manual says, locate the drain pan so you can check for damage. If the drain pan is visibly damaged, your only option is to replace it as soon as possible. Just make sure that the replacement is compatible with your fridge. 

5. Broken Door Gasket Or Seal

The gaskets or seals along the fridge door ensure that the fridge is able to stay completely closed and prevent the cool air from escaping. You’ll be able to tell if the fridge door gasket or seal is out of place or broken. A replacement is necessary if a broken door gasket or seal is the culprit. 

6. Defective Water Filter 

Finally, the water filter in your fridge can only last so long. Eventually, the passage of time will catch up with it, potentially leading to a leaky fridge. Just like with a broken fridge door gasket or seal, you’ll also need to replace the water filter when it becomes defective. 


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Knowing the possible reasons why your fridge is leaking water and what you can do about it will leave you more prepared than before to deal with this problem. Of course, there might be another reason why your fridge is leaking water that none of the troubleshooting tips are able to resolve. If that is the case, contact us at Appliance Repair Weston for first-class fridge and appliance repairs. 

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