Your Guide to Smart Appliances

Your Guide to Smart Appliances

Technology gets newer and better every day. Companies are always finding ways to innovate and improve. However, because advertisements are always shoving smart technology in our faces, it can be easy to become jaded. You might wonder to yourself, “Is smart technology really worth it?” After all, everything seems to be smart now. It isn’t just phones anymore. Now it’s doorbells, locks, televisions, and even appliances. But just because something is prevalent doesn’t mean it is necessary or helpful. 

Are you interested in smart appliances but aren’t sure whether they are worth the hype? If that’s the case, we are here to help. In this useful guide, learn about smart appliances and their advantages to determine if you should invest in them. 

Benefits of Smart Appliances 

Nearly every invention has advantages that draw people to it. After all, manufacturers don’t waste time creating products they don’t think will appeal to consumers. Here are several benefits of smart appliances that you will love: 

1. Smart Appliances Send Alerts

Have you ever come home and found the refrigerator open, resulting in unnecessary food spoilage? Or perhaps you forgot to perform regular maintenance tasks, resulting in harm to one of your appliances. It is easy to neglect your appliances or decrease their longevity accidentally. But smart appliances make it harder by sending alerts to your phone. If your dishwasher isn’t receiving hot water from your heater, it will let you know. Your smart fridge will let you know when it is left open, and your dryer and oven will let you know when they need cleaning. 

This feature makes regular maintenance and diagnosing repair needs a lot easier. You won’t have to worry about forgetting to perform important tasks any longer. Additionally, you won’t have to puzzle over what is wrong with your appliances when something doesn’t seem right. 

2. Convenient Control On the Go

These days, everyone brings their phones and tablets everywhere with them. If that’s the case, you will always have access to your appliances, even when you are out of the house. Do you want the oven to be preheated by the time you get home from picking your kid up from school? You can tell your smart oven to start preheating while you’re still twenty minutes away. Or perhaps you want your coffee to be ready before you drag yourself out of bed. You can ask your Smart Assistant to get your beverage brewing so it will be waiting for you by the time you enter the kitchen. 

A homeowner uses an app to turn on smart appliances.

3. Eco-Friendly 

Unfortunately, appliances use a lot of energy. This can cause harm to the environment as well as your wallet. (After all, you must know the feeling of dread you get when the utility bill arrives in the mail every month.) But smart appliances are energy efficient. Many of them have a power-saving mode, and you can even track energy use to make sure that you are staying within a range you feel comfortable with. This helps reduce the strain on the environment while saving you money. 

4. Remote Repairs 

Service calls are never fun. You are already stressed by your appliance not working, and now you have to invite a stranger into your home to fix it. It’s never completely comfortable dealing with strangers, and you do not know whether you are going to get a pleasant technician or not. But some high-end smart appliances reduce the need for service calls. Instead, they allow technicians to troubleshoot problems remotely! This won’t always be possible, but it is great when you can take advantage of remote assistance. 

5. Easier Cooking

Cooking is rarely easy. It requires a lot of hard work and skill. Yet while cooking does require effort and some talent, it is possible to streamline the process and make it easier for yourself. Smart appliances allow you to download cooking instructions, reducing the need for you to constantly go back and forth between your cookbook and your stove. Additionally, some ovens help regulate moisture levels when cooking meats to ensure they don’t dry out. How awesome is that? 

So Are Smart Appliances Worth It? 

Okay, now you know how many benefits smart appliances bring to a home. However, does that mean that they’re worth it? That depends on if you can live with the drawbacks. First, smart appliances are more expensive than other models. If you are money-conscious or on a tight budget, you likely won’t find the benefits worth it. Second, smart appliances may lead to privacy issues because of insecure network connections. Finally, smart appliances lose all of their extra benefits whenever your internet goes out. 

If none of those things bothers you to a great degree, then smart appliances are worth it for you. You can reap the benefits and enjoy the convenience. If you are hesitant, then smart appliances may not be right for your family, and that’s okay too. 

We Work On Smart Appliances! 

Have you decided to get a smart appliance? That’s wonderful news. Many homeowners find smart appliances improve their quality of life significantly. Unfortunately, no appliance is without its flaws. You will inevitably need maintenance or repairs eventually. When you do, our team is here to assist you. Contact our team at Appliance Repair Weston today for high-quality services! 

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