Alternative Uses For Dryer Sheets

Alternative Uses For Dryer Sheets

One of the best parts of fresh laundry is the dryer sheets that give our clothes that amazing smell you can’t live without. Beyond bestowing that incredible scent to our clothes, dryer sheets offer so much more. Did you know you can use a dryer sheet to calm a dog during a storm? Well, this is just one of the many alternative uses for dryer sheets, which you can learn more about in this blog post.

Uses For Dryer Sheets

At first, it could be difficult to understand the value of dryer sheets. But after reading the information below, you’ll see all the advantages that this laundry product can offer for everyday use.

Calm Dogs During Storms

For those who have dogs, you know how irritable they can get whenever there is a storm. The thunder that strikes gives dogs anxiety, causing them to bark all night. Unbeknownst to most dog owners, this happens because thunder creates an uncomfortable tingly static sensation through dogs’ fur.

If only there was a way to calm a dog during this time. Well, there happens to be a way with dryer sheets. Simply by rubbing dryer sheets on your dog’s ears will minimize the effects of static electricity. But be sure to use unscented dryer sheets since some contain unwanted chemicals.

Pick Up Pet Hair

Staying on topic with pets, dryer sheets can also help pick up pet hair. Pet hair can be discovered all over your house, even in unexpected areas. Dryer sheets are a terrific way to remove this hair because you may not want a broomstick to touch your couch or bed. Dryer sheets can also be used to remove pet hair from your clothes.

Freshen Your Belongings

Dryer shoes can also be used to freshen many of your belongings. Do you wish to freshen up an old pair of shoes? Do you have a gym bag that is stinking up the joint? A wonderful way to freshen these up a bit is with dryer sheets.

Not only can placing a dryer sheet inside your shoes help freshen them, but you can also stop that annoying squeaking whenever you walk. You can do this by rubbing the dryer sheet on the bottom of your shoes. You can use dryer sheets to freshen up a variety of other items, such as your luggage or even your car. You can even freshen up your space by putting a dryer sheet in a vent or fan.


Dryer sheets can be used for more than just freshening up your clothing. They can also be a great way to clean and polish items. There is dust everywhere it seems, but using dryer sheets will quickly remove it, whether it’s from your TV screens or from window blinds. You can also polish your toilet, sink, and many other things with dryer sheets.

Remove Crayon From Walls

If you have children, you may have dealt with more than your fair share of crayon markings on your precious walls. Luckily, your walls aren’t permanently ruined; you can use dryer sheets to remove these markings. All you have to do is gently rub your walls with the dryer sheet and they will be in good shape once again.

Alternative Uses For Dryer Sheets

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As you can tell, there are many uses for dryer sheets. They can calm your dogs during a thunderstorm, and remove crayon marks from walls. This is one of the most underrated appliance products, which is why we wanted to show you how useful they can be. But we offer more than just that. Our team of technicians are experts in all things appliances, so if you ever need a repair, give us a call.

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